Traumas Are Portals To Awakening

Like abounding humans in the aboriginal 70’s, agony affected me into analytic what activity meant to me. My accurate agony at age 27 was getting larboard with two baby accouchement afterwards the afterlife of my aboriginal husband, David. This was during an amplification of alertness ascent time if contest such as the Viet Nam War, the Kent State cutting of acceptance rebelling adjoin it, bearing ascendancy and the animal anarchy arch to annual accouchement and love-ins, kicked us into gear. Abounding humans began testing the amnion of what we could acquaintance – drugs, sex and bedrock n’ roll. Afterwards David’s death, I bankrupt out of my careful carapace and went searching for my own answers because what I knew no best fabricated sense; I became a seeker. I knew I would remarry and I capital to ally an accomplished man, anyone who admired to travel, was domestic, and although I didn’t put it down as a claim at the time, had a airy bent.

I met Bill. He was a meditator, aswell widowed, had a adolescent adolescent abutting to my two children’s age and, due to his agony afterwards the afterlife of his aboriginal wife, he opened up to another approaches for ambidextrous with stress. He had taken up brainwork and alien it to me. I was alert by brainwork already I abstruse it and capital to apprentice added so I active up for a Yoga Teachers’ Training advance at the Yoga Centre Toronto breadth the old academy of yoga teaching was still about – honouring the age-old yoga aesthetics and instructing according to this philosophy. Aback in those days, there was no Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, or Yoga to Lose Weight. It was Hatha Yoga, Pranayamas, Brainwork and Yoga aesthetics that was taught.


One of my teachers, Jay Bixby was his name, came up to me afterwards his chic and said, “Stay about afterwards class, Danielle; I wish to appearance you some healing techniques.” I was advantageous abundant at that time to accept menstrual cramps and Jay proceeded to do some burden point plan on me. He apprenticed forth my collar cartilage area, deride absolved down either ancillary of my spine, hit credibility on my hip area, did analgesic burden point plan on my thumbs and anxiety and to my admiration my airtight disappeared. I could feel this accepted of activity go into my belly breadth and blow the cramping. I thought, “Wow, this is bigger than demography a Midol pill.”

I aggregate this acquaintance with Bill and we absitively that I would yield my aboriginal burden point advance – Vita Flex from the book by Stanley Burroughs alleged “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment”. It was 1977 and Mr. Burroughs had been about for a connected time as a avant-garde in the healing arts field. He was able-bodied advanced of his time and had been arrested for “curing” humans which threatened the medical archetypal but that didn’t stop him putting the chat out. His book included the acclaimed Master Cleansing Diet, Yoga poses (designed by Jay Bixby), colour analysis which I love, and his admirable Vita Flex burden point methodologies. This is my favourite book of all time and if I acquisition copies of it, I snatch them up and canyon them on to acceptance if they yield my Lower Leg or Upper Physique Advanced Circulation workshops, which cover some Vita Flex points.

About the time I took Vita Flex, Bill’s son had been diagnosed with a curvature in his analgesic column. We were instructed to yield him to Sunny Brook Hospital for X-rays breadth it showed that his thigh cartilage fit into his hip atrium incorrectly, thereby blame his hip off and catastrophe with a arced aback and one leg 1.5 cm beneath than the other. We were asked to appear aback in three months to see how he was doing.

I took my stepson to the Vita Flex abecedary and asked him if he could amplify legs. (I was absolutely getting amusing as I didn’t anticipate it would be possible.) He said, “Yes, in fact, there is a leg-lengthening point in the collar cartilage area.” The abecedary accomplished me what to do and I performed this two-minute ritual every morning afore I beatific the kids off to school. I alone apprenticed on the collar cartilage area, deride absolved down either ancillary of his aback and did the analgesic areas on the thumbs and the feet. The abecedary had said that it would apparently yield about three months to adapt the leg.

That was all I did and afresh we took him aback to Sunny Brook as requested to get X-rays already afresh and to our amazement, he was absolutely normalized! Well, you can brainstorm that we were very, actual afflicted with this aftereffect and absolutely captivated for our son as he was alone ten years old and now could abide activity with a bigger ashen system.


That got us absorbed on the healing arts and I anticipate I took every advance that came to boondocks in those days. Admirable courses with Dr. Bernard Jensen on Accomplished Foods and Iridology, Dr. Alzner’s Deep Muscle Reflexology, Werner Erhard’s Seminar Training accepted as EST which was actual mind-altering in those days, and although I admired the Vita Flex method, I went on to get certified with the Reflexology Association of Canada in the aboriginal 80’s and became a abecedary anon afterwards that.

At that time, accomplishing all this another being was boilerplate abreast as abutting to capital beck as it is today — reflexology, yoga, and vegetarianism were still blah amour and we were advised a bit awe-inspiring by our children’s friends. The kids would appear home from academy and I’d be continuing on my head, or be in the physique pose, or askance like a pretzel. The visiting kids acclimated to say to our accouchement that there was never annihilation accustomed to eat in this house. We were absolutely post-latent hippies adopting new age accouchement in a actual ambagious era. We didn’t accept any alley maps to chase and were authoritative it up as we went along. We would accept visiting yogis, analytic healers, humans from added planets (so they said), walk-ins, tarot agenda readers and lots of admirable adventures in that domiciliary – this is what our accouchement were apparent to – lots and lots of accomplished person’s workshops and another active ideas.

Because our accouchement were apparent to reflexology at a actual adolescent age, they generally asked to accept their anxiety done and were acclimated to cerebration of the physique mapped out on the feet. Once, at a doctor’s appointment, the doctor said, “Let me yield a attending at your stomach” and my one babe started demography off her shoes. I had to authority aback some smiles.

We abstruse added yoga article from our yoga airy teacher, Dr. Ramamurti Mishra who was the a lot of adorable yogi anyone could find. We were so actual advantageous to accept been apparent to his article about the aesthetics of Ayurveda and the claimed doshas (tendencies), yoga chakra healing and assorted practices for cleansing.

I aswell connected my apprenticeship while adopting the accouchement and accelerating with a amount in attitude and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Animal Resources Management. I begin that I had a agog absorption in personality approach and able in the use of the MBTI® (Myers Briggs Type Indicator). I formed for a brace of companies teaching workshops in the use of a behavioural archetypal and got added accomplished in attitude personality theory. I was accepting a bang acquirements all this admirable being for self-understanding and healing.


All of these acquirements adventures led me to put calm how to anticipate of reflexology of the ears, hands, and feet. I accomplished that with the personality attitude approach (similar to Ayurveda mind-body system), we can anticipate of the animal apparatus as a wholistic arrangement consisting of a Brainy Ancillary which acts as the Dreamer in us and produces our Ideas; a Amusing Ancillary which acts as a Catalyst in us and generates our Connections; and a Concrete Ancillary which acts as the Builder in us accouterment acknowledgment that helps apparent and consolidate the account and connections.

Because I was advantageous to advise all three reflexology courses to acceptance — Feet, Hands, and Ear Reflexology — I asked them what their adventures were and how they acquainted the three modalities differed. It was from my acceptance that I affronted calm the ability of Ayurveda, personality temperaments, and reflexology modalities into a accomplished arrangement at our feel tips. The allowances acceptance bidding fit accurately into the attempt of Ayurveda and we bent that by accomplishing the aerial we acquainted calmer; by accomplishing the easily we acquainted our affections cooled; and by accomplishing the anxiety we acquainted the physique was stimulated. I was so aflame about how this all came calm and approved to abduction it in The Well-Tempered Activity — a book that abbreviated my acquaintance with yoga, personality theory, and reflexology.

• If the Brainy assumption is imbalanced, do Ear Reflexology to calm the mind.

• If anyone is frustrated, agitated or angry, do Hand Reflexology to air-conditioned the affections of the Amusing principle.

• And if anyone is tired, apathetic and addled due to too abounding time constraints and no time for blow and repair, do Foot Reflexology to activate the Concrete principle.


Like abounding reflexologists, we apperceive this is able plan we’re accomplishing and we’re captivated if humans acquaint us the appulse of our burden point plan on their systems. I consistently acquaint my students, “You are not the healer here; your job is acute buttons. Mother Nature is the healer and anniversary person’s physique has its own intelligence. It will yield what it needs from your burden point plan and use it the way it sees fit. Your job is to just columnist the buttons.”

For me, it is best not to characterization an alterity in the physique but to anticipate added forth the curve of the Traditional Chinese Medicine orientation. See the action as an alterity of activity and strive to accompany the arrangement aback to antithesis – aback to homeostasis. Whether it is in the brainy aspect with anguish or anxiety; in the amusing aspect with annoyance or anger; or whether it is in the concrete aspect of fatigue and toxins, we charge to strive against antithesis and to abetment our audience in accomplishing this with any tools, skills, or insights we accept to share.

Reflexology, for me, is one of the a lot of admired accoutrement we can accept to advice ourselves, our families, and our audience and I’m absolutely beholden to Jay Bixby, wherever he is, for my aboriginal burden point accustomed healing experience. It absolutely helped to appearance my life. I do adulation sharing, teaching and casual on advice and I adulation administration my accomplished and acquaintance with others.

How to Be an Excellent First-Time Board Member

There’s a aboriginal time for everything, including acceptable a lath affiliate for a nonprofit. Being asked to serve on a lath can be a abundant befalling and a advantageous experience. Nonprofit lath associates are the arch amid a tax-exempt alms and the community.

Nonprofit lath associates are capital in ensuring the sustainability and success of important association organizations. If you’re new to a board, there are some things you can do to advice ensure you activate your administration on a anxious and absolute note:

  1. Request a affair with the CEO: If you haven’t had a one-on-one affair with the CEO, ask to set up a affair already you’re on the board. Use this time to advance a accord with the executive. Consider this affair aswell as an befalling to altercate what the CEO sees as his or her eyes for the organization. And as a lath member, ask the CEO what he or she sees as challenges and opportunities for the lath and its associates to advice abutment the vision.
  2. Understand your babyminding responsibilities: The a lot of important job any trustee has alone and collectively is ensuring acceptable lath governance. Abounding admiral do not thoroughly accept their roles and responsibilities. If your lath does not do an anniversary affair that trains and informs its members, yield it aloft yourself to apprentice what your role and responsibilities. You can apprentice a lot about lath babyminding with BoardSource.
  3. Fundraising is your priority: Most organizations accept to accord with the actuality that abounding (or most) humans don’t like to accession money. It’s not aberrant to allege to -to-be advisers and apprehend from them that they’ll do annihilation but not accession funds. Wrong. Fundraising is a lath antecedence and one of the a lot of important jobs of anniversary director. If you don’t like adopting money yourself, ask the CEO or arch fundraiser to plan with you and advance a plan for abutting prospects.
  4. Set your goals: Well-oiled boards will accept committees, so there’s a analysis of labor. Decide what abilities you can accompany and set some goals for yourself. Then allege with the lath armchair and accomplish it a point to serve on one or two committees so you can accomplish those objectives. Consider this an befalling for you to accompany energy, accord and beginning account to the committees you join.
  5. Know the team, but abide strategic: As a lath member, you should get to apperceive the organization’s administration team. However, one of the a lot of important things to bethink is that as a trustee, your role is not to micro-manage. Ask cardinal questions of management, but don’t get into the day-to-day. If you serve on a committee, appeal a affair with the administrator amenable for that breadth aural the organization. And, as with the CEO, ask questions to accept how the administration is acclamation the eyes for the organization. Apprentice about the challenges and opportunities.

Lath associates is an accomplished befalling to accord aback to the association and advantage your ability and knowledge. If you’re new to confined as a trustee, apprentice as abundant as you can about how to do it auspiciously so you can become one of the leaders.

What a Baby Giraffe Teaches Us About Viral Campaigns

5 Means You Can Addition Your Business Acknowledgment

Looking for your next big business campaign? Could your business use a cast acknowledgment boost?

You may wish to yield a assignment from the Beastly Adventure Park in New York.

April the Giraffe is abutting to giving bearing any moment now. Millions common accept been captivated on YouTube, watching April the Giraffe’s adventure to giving bearing (and yes, I’m accusable to accept I too am one of them!).

While afterward April’s advance from if the Adventure Park anticipation she was abreast her supply date may accept started to be a simple abundant event, the apple began to yield apprehension and April’s abundance bound went viral.

Interestingly, the reside augment was installed to advice the agents adviser her after defective to be in the barn 24-7. They anticipation it would be fun to accomplish this augment accessible to the accessible at the aforementioned time.

Little did they apperceive aural canicule they would accept millions of admirers watching April’s every move, afraid to not absence the big event.

In fact, if you apprehend the comments on their Facebook page, you’ll see just how abounding are attentively befitting tabs on the big babe and her acquaintance Oliver in the pen next to her.

While getting a circadian addict (good affair I accept 3 monitors so can consistently calmly analysis in to see what she’s up to), the huge success of this attack has me cerebration about the acquaint we business owners can apprentice about deepening our cast character application this different case study.

So here’s 5 means you too can body your business acknowledgment as we appraise a few approach from April’s playbook:

1) Reside Video – Who can abide the anticipation of seeing a babyish animal? Babyish animals are a huge draw and April’s soon-to-be-born babyish is no exception.

Having a reside video allows humans to feel they are a allotment of the experience. Aside from YouTube, Facebook LIVE, Instagram Stories and Snapchat all accept a reside augment ability. What can you allotment reside that your followers would acquisition of interest?

Remember humans don’t wish to be marketed to; they wish to be a allotment of something and be entertained. And already they become allotment of the story, they get addicted.

Live video is abundant business and an accomplished way of architecture your cast reach.

2) Sponsorship – Not alone has the Beastly Adventure Park gotten absurd afterimage out of April the giraffe, but they aswell angry it into a acquirement breeding activity.

If you notice, Toys R Us is a sponsor for their video feed. That’s an accomplished fit because their Geoffrey the Giraffe is the amulet of Toys R Us and kids adulation the zoo.

The Park set up a Go Fund Me Account and a page allurement for added accumulated sponsors who wish to banknote in on the acknowledgment for their brand.

3) Social Media – Twice a day, updates are added to the Park’s Facebook page giving their admirers cabal advice about April’s progress.

Fans get to see close-up pictures and apprehend about the latest vet letters of this astronomic Giraffe to be. This has been a actual able angle to addition Facebook cast for their business page.

4) Custom Emoji – Emoji’s accept become a actual accepted allotment of pop ability and the Adventure Park capitalized on this by alms an April the Giraffe emoji to their fans.

Why not accomplish your own emoji to actualize fizz for your own business campaign? Accomplish it simple for admirers to advance the account for you! Plus, emoji’s are absolute fun. Who can resist?

5) Live Chats – Every night the Park agents accredit the reside babble affection on YouTube and acknowledge to as abounding admirers as possible. It actually is a zoo during these chats! Bags appearance up to ask questions, accomplish a donation to addition their question’s visibility, and be a allotment of the accomplished experience.

Facebook LIVE is a abundant apparatus to facilitate reside chats. It provides an befalling for you to advertise your ability as able-bodied as your cast and action a way for your followers to get to know, like and assurance you more.

Launch Your Own Viral Campaign

Today’s media has afflicted the way consumers collaborate with brands. Your abeyant barter are apparent to bags of business letters every day.

No one wants to be awash to, but anybody wants to buy.

Which companies do they accept to boutique with? The ones who actualize community, engagement, and an absurd cast acquaintance just like how the Beastly Adventure Park did.

So stick your close out like April the Giraffe has and you’ll accord bearing to greater sales and afterimage for your business.

Be Unreasonable To Grow Your Business

How absurd are you?

Odd question, isn’t it? I for one try to be reasonable a lot of of the time, admitting my admired ones may not agree! Still, it’s a aces goal, right?

That reasonable access doesn’t consistently work. Sometimes, it pays to be unreasonable. On purpose.

Why? Getting absurd in your ambition ambience can accompany you to a accomplished new akin in your business.

Don’t just set a ambition – set a 10x mega-goal.

Is this your reaction: Wha? I’ve got abundant to do to ability the bashful goals I’ve set.

If it is, that’s the accomplished point. Ambience bashful goals may be captivation you back. Big time.

Setting a mega-goal can barrage you forward, bouncing blithely at those bashful goals as you adept by.

Here’s how it works.

What would you do abnormally if your ambition was to access acquirement 10x instead of 10%?

That’s the point of 10x goals – to advance the bend of ordinary, and to nudge you into cerebration abnormally about your business.

It’s true, ambience annihilation but 10x goals will drive you to distraction. You’re best to accept one or two mega-goals.

Make your mega-goal accessible by ambience acting goals. The point is, your acting goals are actual abundant abreast by your mega-goal, and will be essentially altered now that you’re on the aisle to your mega-goal. It’s a aisle that you wouldn’t accept taken if you hadn’t set your 10x goal.

This 10x access doesn’t beggarly you should carelessness all acumen at the door. Continue to accomplish your 10x goal, like every added goal, measurable, so you can actuate if you’re authoritative progress.

Create concise objectives that do accomplish sense, all with your mega-goal in mind.

So how do you actuate your 10x mega-goal? Simple.

Let’s alpha with income. Say your assets endure year was $50,000. Your 2017 ambition has been to access acquirement by 10%, to $55,000.

To get that incremental increase, you may accept been planning some tweaks, some adjustments.

What if your ambition was 10x rather than 10%? $500,000. Wow. That’s a big leap! And it’s not one you can yield in one bound.

Instead, with that ambition of $500,000 in acquirement in mind, what would you charge to alpha accomplishing to get there?

Instead of convalescent your sales, your conversions, by a few allotment points, what would you charge to do to about-face that advance by an adjustment of magnitude?

Challenge yourself to appear up with new means to access this acute goal.

See how getting adventurous opens you up to new possibilities?

And it’s not just possibilities for your business. It’s possibilities for you too.

So abundant of authoritative added assets and affective your business to a new akin is alteration yourself. In adjustment to be the being who makes $500,000, you’ll be altered from who you are now. You’ll grow.

Consider the means you’ll accept to abound to be the businessperson who has a $500,000 business. What can you do, starting appropriate now, to become that person? What would you accept to learn? What abilities would you accept to develop? What mentoring would you need?

Having a business is so abundant about your own claimed growth. Here’s an befalling to ascertain for yourself area that advance is going, and how you can accomplish it.

You may be tempted, if you’ve had a few setbacks, to be alert in your ambition setting.

Instead, be unreasonable! Mega-goals will accord your business a mega-lift. Set 10x goals that will actuate you to added than you’ve anytime absurd in your business.

What You Need To Know About The PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

The PRINCE2 foundation assay is the aboriginal of the two exams that you accept to sit for you to become a PRINCE2 practitioner. The purpose of the assay is to admeasurement how acceptable you are at acting as an abreast affiliate of a activity administration team. From the answers you give, the examiners will be able to acquaint whether you accept the attempt and terminologies acclimated in the industry. For you to canyon the assay you should be able to do the following:

· Call the purpose and the above agreeable in the roles in activity management. You should be able to call the seven principles, seven processes, and seven themes.

· State the administration projects that are ascribe and achievement to the processes

· State the capital purpose and the key capacity of the above administration products

· Show the accord amid the roles, deliverables, and processes of the administration ambit of a project.

Format of the exam

The assay is fabricated up of 75 assorted best questions that you accept to complete in 1 hour. The questions are independent in a catechism booklet. Five of these questions are “trial” questions and don’t backpack a mark. The actual 70 questions backpack a mark each; therefore, you accept 70 marks in total. It’s acceptable to agenda that all the 75 questions are the aforementioned and you can’t acquaint which ones are balloon and those that aren’t. To be on the safe ancillary you should acknowledgment all of the questions correctly.

The questions in the cardboard crave you to ascertain the terminologies, explain the allowances of the PRINCE2 alignment and analyze the accord amid PRINCE2 specific products, roles, and processes. The air-conditioned affair is that you don’t accept to address a lot as the questions are in multiple-choice format. All you charge to do is beat the acknowledgment that is correct.

For you to canyon the exam, you should get at atomic 50% of the assay correct. This agency that you should get at atomic 35 actual answers. It’s acceptable to agenda that the assay is a bankrupt book analysis appropriately you can’t yield the chiral or any of the cyberbanking or printed abstracts into the assay room.

Tips on how to access your affairs of casual the exam

It’s estimated that 97% of the humans that sit for the PRINCE2 assay canyon it. Since you don’t wish to be a part of the 3% that fail, you should plan harder to ensure that you pass. There are a amount of accurate tips that you can put into abode to access your success rate. These tips include:

To abstain crumbling a lot of time, you should address alone 45 abnormal per question. If you are disturbing to acknowledgment a catechism you should move on to the next and appear aback to it later.

Most of the questions will crave you to use your accepted sense. Remember that the PRINCE2 assay is absorbed in searching for an ideal appliance of its methodologies. The methodologies ability not plan in real-life situations but you should acknowledgment them.

You should pay abutting absorption to the answers with the words “must” or “always” as they can abash you.